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About Me

I’m KK! aka Keri Kelley

My Inspiration:
What started as a means to support a gluttonous fabric addiction has slowly developed into a small business. I love to create, be hands-on, and construct tangible products that I am proud of. I am inspired by beauty; the people in my life, nature, patterns, textures, rhythm, etc. I try to incorporate my inspirations into everything that I create. I began naming my designs after the little girls in my family. My “Gwyndolyn” clutch design is named after my grandmother who inspired me to sew.

KKcouture Philosophy:
I believe that accessories complete an outfit and complete the soul. You shouldn’t have to settle for “uninteresting.” Whether you like simplicity or statement pieces, your bag should represent a little piece of you. I work with each client to create unique, custom-tailored pieces that they are proud to carry.

My Story:
As a little girl, I used to watch my grandmother sew my dresses and was in awe of her talent. I’ve always wanted to pass on the family tradition. It wasn’t until I was in high school that I taught myself how to sew by hand in order to alter clothes and dance costumes. I had never learned to sew on a machine.

As the years passed and the days of team sports became only distant memories, I  began to long for a hobby. One day I decided to rekindle my love for sewing and fulfill my life-long dream of following in my grandmother’s seamstress footsteps.

A friend referred me to a local sewing studio, and I quickly started my new hobby. After taking my beginner’s class, I was hooked. I started sewing very simple bags and have quickly progressed into more advanced stuff.

I am now the proud owner of KKcouture, a small, budding business in Austin, TX! My passion for sewing has just made the transition from hobby to career. Bag making is only my first sewing venture! I will expand on KKcouture products in the near future!